Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No, this is not a hoax... I really am back! I'm so sad that I have been too tired these whole two past months that I haven't been able to post in such a while. However, just like about two months ago, I am still sort of obsessed with dip dye. Believe me, I've been too tired to even drag myself  to a hair dresser's to get my hair done. I just want some more color in my life. I have never colored my natural blonde hair but I know that I just somehow need this. Enough of the rutine for me! I promise...No! I swear March will be a better month for me and this time I cross my heart and promise that I'll get back to my regular posts....there is just so much beauty I have discovered while browsing the fashion week photos and other pictures. Meanwhile I give you these gorgeous hair styes to drool over!

Images via Google Images

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