Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have a load of unfinished "projects" all stacked nicely in the corner of my room. I just haven't got around to them and to be honest I keep on adding to that pile. Yesterday I was browsing one of the first blogs I ever started following, Stylish in Suburbia, hoping to find new posts. However she hasn't posted in a long time but the last time she did, she posted awesome cut-off-shoulder-shirts that I just couldn't help not having. So yesterday when I dropped by my usual thrift store I bought five dress shirts (mostly men's) and I am planning to "butcher" at least a few of them. Ohhh, I can't wait. At least I have my last test tomorrow and from then on it's eat&sleep&repeat! Of course I'll fit blogging into that routine, too, somehow...
P.S!! To keep my posts a bit more organized, I now have a whole page for picture sources. It's under "Useful" as "Gallery". But when I happen to take pics from blogs I will definitely put the references into the post!

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