Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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I am the type of person who loves to people watch, therefore I am quite nosy and checking what the traffic sources to my blog are is a daily habit. So I see that a lot of visitors allegedly come from some random Russian websites that I am pretty sure have nothing to do with my blog...I'm just sad that all my page views aren't real. Anyway, that got me thinking what it's like in Russia right now. I mean I don't live that far away. But I think that there is still more snow there than we have here. I mean I don't ever remember asking for a "white with no snow so the "gifts" dogs leave behind are easier to step into" Christmas. Snow, Где ты?? okay, enough with the Russian. But I probably will never get over how stunning these photos are. I don't really have the energy to start talking about how I hope that's faux fur, so I'll talk about that some other nice day. In the meantime, enjoy these ravishing pics.

Cya! xo

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