Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The capacity of my list of project as of November 27, 2011. So that means not very long ago. 
(Starting from top of bottom image)
  1. My ball gown. That is now happily finished (luckily) and somewhere in the heap of clothes on my floor. (oops)
  2. My knit dress. I have to sew the loose parts together so the sleeves won't start to come undone. Not that much of a big job.
  3. The "puffifying" shirt. Now I realize I have actually completed two items already.
  4. A shirt I made that only has the bottom lining missing. It's such a wonderful project that I have to post it soon!
  5. A white mini dress that I am clueless about how to finish it. Should I make it longer, should I make it shorter...and so on.
  6. Actually two purple dresses I have ideas about but haven't got around to actually making them.
  7. A gorgeous floral dress. Maxi probably. Don't know, too soon to care.
  8. Another top. Also needs lining!
And the list goes on and on because my genius mind thought it would be awesome to even buy more stuff in need of remaking and therefore making my pile of unfinished projects even bigger. Awesome, right?? (Not really)

And I'm off to celebrate the stupendous Friday that is upon us finally!

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