Saturday, November 26, 2011

An ode to navy blue

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This is what I'm looking at for inspiration regarding my ball gown (the back, though). There's no harm in looking at fronts, is there? For a sec I thought that the dress Eva is wearing is the same as in the pic above her. The difference is almost impossible to see. She wore this gorgeous Emanuel Ungaro dress on the Golden Globes red carpet and I also love her hair-do. It's so messy but it's so fabulous at the same time and since I need to have my hair done for the ball I need all the tips I can get! For the last few weeks I have noticed that the blondness of everyone is starting to fade. Dark hair is much more popular and I feel like a weirdo...Once I used to be so awfully proud I was a natural blond.Ughh...I should stop thinking those thoughts!

Have a happy and most of all creative weekend! P.S. Don't forget to check out my friends whose links are on the sidebar. I have also been contemplating a new blog design including more room for pics and less for links and stuff. Au revoir! (Yes, that is French and I hope to share a little bit France-related stuff soon, meanwhile I'll blab about it and other things on Twitter)

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