Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inspiration from blogs

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When I stopped to think about what I love most on the Internet today, I really couldn't decide. It's a place to read jokes, learn new things and even share your life as well. However, when I came home today I finally realized that at other people's blogs have to fit into my top three. Today I'll introduce Zuburbia to you. It was one of the first blogs I ever started following and I have read every single post since. I love how it's almost perfect for me. Rich vocabulary as well as good photos and even environmental talk! And you can't forget the loads of vintage. These pics are from Ebay auctions and I often save these to get inspiration for future sewing projects. I know I should only be thinking about my ball gown, but we all have our flaws, right?
That flaws part reminded me of an extremely beautiful song :)
Caitlin Crosby-Flawz

And with that I wish you a wonderful Wednesday. Cya! xo

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