Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forgive me

This week has been hectic. Sadly, I don't cope with stress and insomnia well. I tend to leave all the good in the background and set my mind on the lists of duties, school tasks and everything else my life forces upon me. And don't get me wrong, I am a person of actions. I would change my situation if I could. Again, I have to disappoint, this would all be on my shoulders even if I had chosen a different school a year and a half ago. Furthermore, this is the cursed semester of school that has Art History. I think that my school is the only one that has students on the verge of desperation to this extent. I'll rant about it in my tweets or on facebook. In the meantime I'll try to post as often as possible, but this month is going to be somewhat blog neglecting.

Keep up with my tweets and you'll be able to make sure I'm still alive and well.

The best to you all. I hope to ... Cya'll soon. Haha ;)

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