Friday, October 28, 2011

This is me

I'm participating in the October Followers Fest and I'm happy to meet any new friends :)
I realize I've never done a "introduction" of myself on this blog, but I think now is a good time.

You can call me Ally
I live in Europe
I used to live in Maryland
I'm a junior in high school
I want to see the world
Traveling is my passion
I love to make things
(mostly by sewing)
I'm blonde
I love to learn languages
My next big project is Spanish
I'm not sure who I want to be when I grow up
I listen to almost any kind of music
I love to dance
I used to play badminton
I'm a good listener
I adore vintage!
I am a big fan of the Hollywood Golden Era
 I don't like war
I love to laugh
I speak my mind
I want to stay me

Now when some random facts about me have been thrown out there - I just want to say I'll be back sometime with some goodies! I'm also planning on doing some more bloggy work, including tabs instead of widgets and so on and so forth...

Cya!! xx

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