Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Denim love

Time to show a little denim love. Again? Yep. To be honest, at one point I promised myself I would never wear jeans again, they had just lost their appeal. Sadly they're an inseparable part of my wardrobe even though I'm beginning to get fed up with them. No originality, you know. Okay, maybe it's just me...I wouldn't be surprised. ^_^
However, I simply love the long denim shirt-dress I wore today. It's quite similar to the one on the photo, but mine has shorter sleeves (hence the tee) and is a bit more dress-ish.

P.S. My b-day is soo close!! I hope to get a camera! Fingers crossed, right?
And guess what? It's raining.

Cya! xx

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