Sunday, October 9, 2011

Color of the day #2

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Sort of. This is more of a print of the day #1, since this is a post dedicated to these gorgeous dresses. At the moment this is just what I need for some inspiration. Something summery, colorful... In other news, my b-day is just around the corner + so is Christmas...Okay, not really. Anyway, my class is hosting the annual school ball this year. I wont announce the theme right now because only our class (+other staff) should know it, but I need to get a dress soon! I'd really like to make one myself. Sadly I can't tell you what the standard would be for my would guess the theme within seconds. I can't wait to tell you the secret, soon!

Cya! xx

P.S Check out my album with extra pics here. You can also like my FB page.
And here is an online gallery of breathtaking dresses. I have to have all of them!!

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