Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why I love France

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Okay. Actually the title of this post can be a bit misleading - if I started reciting all the reasons I love France I would have to dive into a list that would look something like this.

1. It's France, who doesn't love France??!!
1873897. Je t'aime et je sais, tu m'aime aussi
3298476576. Seriously, you survived all that? Wow you're strong!

But actually the reason of the day is (drumroll) Shy'm! Okay first of all, she is freakin gorgeous. Obviously she isn't as pale as a vampire (unlike me...yay...). Also she has a stunning voice, and of course the outrageously wonderful clothes she wears!! If I allowed myself to become all obsessy, like I do, quite frequently, there would be no end the the line of pictures.

And today is my second day off, tomorrow is still ?? but I guess it's all up to my sore throat.

Cya! xx

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