Friday, September 23, 2011

Different Friday

What's so different? I'm still sick, loving the 5 day weekend that started Wednesday and hopefully will not end before Sunday plus I'm sort of going nuts of boredom already. I like to do something and that something has to involve some visible results. For instance, I was asked to clean my room this morning - haha no way. Instead I started obsessing over nail art. (Yes, obsessing is like the second thing I do the most, after eating, naturally)
Also I adore boots. The pictures say enough. Also you might want to remember - one of the things I hate the most about boot-wearing time is the awful ugg-boots. Seriously. I just don't know why I despise them that much, maybe it's just because when you wear them once, you can never wear them again. Just something I discovered when I tried a pair of my friend's. It was like I could feel every single speck of dust through the sole. Ughhh. And I wouldn't say they're that good-looking, either.
My post keep getting longer and longer, don't they?
Cya! xx

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