Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Angela Hill
I wish I had a cool name like Indigo. I mean it's a lot more creative than just Ingrid, right? Also indigo is now one of my new favorite colors/prints/words. Sadly even the beauty of indigo can't make me forget that school is so close! I wish the next school break would come faster! Of course I love to show off my style at school. Also I'm interested in finding out who are in the new 10th grade this year. My promise for this school year is to really work hard on my looks. I mean like get the hang of actually not being too tired to fix my hair or wipe off the mascara that I got in my hair. Still, fixing my hair gives me good and needed practice and maybe I'll even take pictures of my hair (with a phone camera, boo) every day and upload the LQ (not HQ) pics onto my blog. Who knows?

Cya! xx

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