Thursday, December 29, 2011

Only sparkle

Here is another list of shiny things. My personal favorite heel is the last one. I can already see 
myself dancing in these beauties at a New Years party. It's nice to dream because getting 
on the dancefloor with these is almost suicide in my book.

Let's talk boleros

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So in search of things to distract me from the chaos this ball is creating. I decided to search the WWW to find the pieces that I have worn during the past few weeks. One of my faves are these - I just discovered that I should call these boleros actually. I don't know if there is such a big difference between cardigans and boleros. Nevertheless, nothing can replace a nice, cozy sweater this time of year. And can you believe it? Still no snow. Only freaking rain. Not fun. Time to take all the blankets that were once stuffed into the top of the closet and start gathering hot chocolate supplies. Yummy!!

Hope the bad weather isn't getting you down! And if you live in the sunny side, enjoy it while it lasts. I can't believe how fast November has passed. I have a small secret announcement regarding that, but shhh, soon!
Cya! xo

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking forward

2011 has been mostly a lot of good mixed with some (inevitable) bad. I'll be sad to see the end of this year, yet I couldn't be more excited to see what 2012 has in store for us. I'm very skeptic when it comes to extremely questionable apocalypses, though. I just threw together some of the amazing sequin dresses I would wear to a New Year's party if I lived in Rio or Egypt of course...The fact that there isn't one bit of snow outside is actually kind of creepy already.
I promise this won't be my last post this year. Nevertheless, I wish you all a wonderful last week of 2011!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Why I still love France because I'm going there! For the past months I've been involved in a project with French students, the main point is create a friendly relationship between our two schools. The school where our new friends go to is located in the gorgeous city of Amboise on the Loire river. Luckily we'll also have a few days to spend in Paris. Can  you believe how excited I am??? Probably not. :)
via palindrome6996

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rocking in red

Like I've said so-so many times, I am the type of person who likes to make lists and then constantly complains about how I make them too long and sort of make all the tasks on them incompletable. Well, now that I have bought a red skirt (crying for some "butchering" by the way) I just couldn't help myself - I had to look them up. And now that I have, I can share all this fanciness with you. I love how the skirt should be simple (no extreme lacing) but it gives an outfit the most delightful pop of color. PS! First one who noticed the (teeny) changes on the blog - there's more where that came from!

Check out the gallery for sources!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Summer memories

Lovely crazy 2.1

Lovely crazy 2.1 by allynathan 
When it's so cold and wintery around here, I just love to drool over pictures of gorgeous summer dresses and reminisce...Oh well. Obviously I'm not such a Polyvore pro as I would like to be. I mean some people add crazy backgrounds and stuff making my set so puny...haha. I would love to make a nice asymmetrical dress out of project number 7. Anyway, during next week I want to do a little remodel on the blog. I'm kind of disappointed that I just can't stick to one blog design for a longer period. Luckily I'll have more time to concentrate on something other than school during the winter break. Finally! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have a load of unfinished "projects" all stacked nicely in the corner of my room. I just haven't got around to them and to be honest I keep on adding to that pile. Yesterday I was browsing one of the first blogs I ever started following, Stylish in Suburbia, hoping to find new posts. However she hasn't posted in a long time but the last time she did, she posted awesome cut-off-shoulder-shirts that I just couldn't help not having. So yesterday when I dropped by my usual thrift store I bought five dress shirts (mostly men's) and I am planning to "butcher" at least a few of them. Ohhh, I can't wait. At least I have my last test tomorrow and from then on it's eat&sleep&repeat! Of course I'll fit blogging into that routine, too, somehow...
P.S!! To keep my posts a bit more organized, I now have a whole page for picture sources. It's under "Useful" as "Gallery". But when I happen to take pics from blogs I will definitely put the references into the post!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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I am the type of person who loves to people watch, therefore I am quite nosy and checking what the traffic sources to my blog are is a daily habit. So I see that a lot of visitors allegedly come from some random Russian websites that I am pretty sure have nothing to do with my blog...I'm just sad that all my page views aren't real. Anyway, that got me thinking what it's like in Russia right now. I mean I don't live that far away. But I think that there is still more snow there than we have here. I mean I don't ever remember asking for a "white with no snow so the "gifts" dogs leave behind are easier to step into" Christmas. Snow, Где ты?? okay, enough with the Russian. But I probably will never get over how stunning these photos are. I don't really have the energy to start talking about how I hope that's faux fur, so I'll talk about that some other nice day. In the meantime, enjoy these ravishing pics.

Cya! xo

Monday, December 5, 2011

Blume and Vogue

This is what my copy of the book looked like, at least according to my memory. For some reason I can still vividly remember what happens in the book. Sometime last year I recalled I had my own copy stashed away somewhere but I still haven't managed to find, to be honest I have no clue where to look. It was published in 1987 and I was surprised when I found that out because it just seemed so new. Today I started to think about how I never really imagined the plot the right way. It was 1987 after all. So now, once I finally get my hands on my own copy, I have a more accurate imagination regarding it and it's all thanks to Vogue.
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My respect for the '80s has never been greater! Also did you recognize that the model on the first Vogue cover is Paulina Porizkova? I didn't until my sis pointed it out.
Cya! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Guess what I'm doing Sunday evening. Of course! Watching one of my favorite shows, Private Practice. Of course I like the main character the most who's Addison Montgomery played by Kate Walsh. I even enjoy her show more than Grey's Anatomy! I have wanted to write about her wonderful choice of clothes on the show. Even though it's obvious a stylist chooses them, I still can't help but list Addison as one of the most stylish figures on TV. All her dresses are casual but elegant at the same time. Plus she is always capable of looking stunning.
And now for the announcement that I already hinted about here. I entered a giveaway on a blog and won a medium ad space on Casey Wiegand's blog!!!!!! So check out her blog and search for my Hello Kitty button on the sidebar. I am so honored because her blog is huge and I look up to her a lot.
Don't let Monday get you down! (Haha, I have a day off thanks to the ball)
Cya! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inspiration from blogs

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When I stopped to think about what I love most on the Internet today, I really couldn't decide. It's a place to read jokes, learn new things and even share your life as well. However, when I came home today I finally realized that at other people's blogs have to fit into my top three. Today I'll introduce Zuburbia to you. It was one of the first blogs I ever started following and I have read every single post since. I love how it's almost perfect for me. Rich vocabulary as well as good photos and even environmental talk! And you can't forget the loads of vintage. These pics are from Ebay auctions and I often save these to get inspiration for future sewing projects. I know I should only be thinking about my ball gown, but we all have our flaws, right?
That flaws part reminded me of an extremely beautiful song :)
Caitlin Crosby-Flawz

And with that I wish you a wonderful Wednesday. Cya! xo

Saturday, November 26, 2011

An ode to navy blue

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This is what I'm looking at for inspiration regarding my ball gown (the back, though). There's no harm in looking at fronts, is there? For a sec I thought that the dress Eva is wearing is the same as in the pic above her. The difference is almost impossible to see. She wore this gorgeous Emanuel Ungaro dress on the Golden Globes red carpet and I also love her hair-do. It's so messy but it's so fabulous at the same time and since I need to have my hair done for the ball I need all the tips I can get! For the last few weeks I have noticed that the blondness of everyone is starting to fade. Dark hair is much more popular and I feel like a weirdo...Once I used to be so awfully proud I was a natural blond.Ughh...I should stop thinking those thoughts!

Have a happy and most of all creative weekend! P.S. Don't forget to check out my friends whose links are on the sidebar. I have also been contemplating a new blog design including more room for pics and less for links and stuff. Au revoir! (Yes, that is French and I hope to share a little bit France-related stuff soon, meanwhile I'll blab about it and other things on Twitter)

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Free

Can you see why I love this beauty so much? And of course I saved the best for last, that crazy pattern has me hooked! If you happen to browse her videos, you can see that the one in question here is actually a lot more "happy" than her other clips. Natalia's style is best described as dark pop, her style is edgy. I just can't figure out how she can be so edgy and elegant at the same time. I guess all I have left to do is dye my hair black! At the same time I couldn't help but notice how few colors she actually wears in this video, at first it just seems a blur of black and white. I really need to figure out her secret soon!

And to save you from the burden of searching for the video yourself, here it is.

If you look at this GIF too long I promise it will eventually creep you out.

Cya! :)